Help Students To Grow With Technology


Edumorrow is not a new method for managing schools or a learning system, it is a whole new way of learning and managing. India is technologically advanced in all field except in the most important one- education. Edumorrow fills the gap.

The application is engineered with the vision:

“ help students to grow with technology”

Traditional management and automation softwares completely ignore the learning part, while Edumorrow comes with advanced learning methodology and innovative management and valuation system. Creative and time efficient user flow will allow staffs, students and parents to work as a virtual school system.

Unlike other school management systems, Edumorrow allows accounts for the higher authority - educational officers and ministry of education. It becomes an umbrella of educational sector.The learning module is designed for all sort of schools, ICSE, CBSE, IB and SSC. The mission of Edumorrow is to upgrade the current learning system to an international level.

The application analyses student performance and reports the result to parents and teachers. It also monitors the school activities and reports to the higher authority. The student can easily submit assignments through the application and can involve in discussions through the forum. Information exchange is made easy with Edumorrow, any student can connect with the higher authority any time, help students to report feedbacks and abuses with no time.

With Edumorrow the students from first grade to the twelfth experience a new way of learning. We have created a character called ‘Amigo’ who learns and teaches the students. The character grows up with the student.


Revolutionize Learning Process

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Whole new way of managing schools

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Creative and efficient user flow

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Accounts for higher authorities

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Learning resources for ICSE, CBSE, IB and SSC students

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Learn through Vedic mathematics

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